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Meaningful Conflicts The Art of Friction

Forty-nine authors  ~
Fifteen poets ~ 
All of their
delightful disputes

This unique collection of short stories, memoir, poetry and creative non-fiction from the members of Off Campus Writers'  Workshop  represents a range of voices and levels of experience, from prize-winning authors to writers making their publishing debut.







Introducing the OCWW authors of Meaningful Conflicts



Kelly Q. Anderson

Nancy Hepner Goodman

Kathy Mirkin

Rita Angelini

Caryn Green

Nora Naughton

Paco Aramburu

Polly Hansen

Mary Nelligan

Allison Baxter

Mary Hickey

Irma M. Olmedo

Susan Bearman

Peter Hoppock

Carol Orange

Ronit Bezalel

Renee James

Nora Orschel

Elizabeth Bower

Laura Joyce-Hubbard

David Pelzer

Susan Cousins Breen

Sherry Kromer-Shapiro

Marcia Pradzinski

Anna Carvlin

Karen Nicole Johnson

Laurel Ross

Nancy Chadwick

C.D. Karabush

Meg Salzman

Cathy Chester

Sandy Kubillus

Hugh Schulze

Barbara Chiprin 

Kirk Landers

Sarah Ray Schwarcz

Belinda Copeland

Jason Lavicky

Stanford Searl

Anna da Silva

Della Leavitt

Alan Souter

Elizabeth DeSchryver

Beth Lewis

Moira Sullivan

Toni Louise Diol

Roberta Albom Liebler

Thomas Sundell

Michelle Dybal

Tara Maher

Lisa Sukenic

Sheila Elliott

Kitty Malik

Michelle Thoma-Culver

Fred Fitzsimmons

Sarah Malone

Thomas Dawe Tepper

Llewella Forgie

Margot McMahon

Joyce Burns Zeiss


Welcome to Behind the Book, a series of mini-interviews with the writers and poets of Meaningful Conflicts: The Art of Friction.  In the months ahead we'll explore  the inspiration and influences that shaped this collection of multi-genre works of fiction, nonfiction, and poetry.

  • May 26, 2023 8:53 AM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    Tell us the inspiration behind  Cool Mom.

    The siblings of special-needs children seem to be invisible and I wanted to focus my story on the true hero. My eldest daughter, Marina, endured many trials and tribulations growing up. She was lost in the shuffle as we adjusted to schedule changes and medical complications to accommodate her sister. Many times we overlooked Marina’s resilience and fortitude. In writing this story, I purposely omitted all other names to highlight her struggles and the coping skills she acquired to make sense of her world. 

    What do you hope readers will take away from your story? 

    People endure many struggles and my story shows if you keep striving to overcome tragedy, you may triumph in ways you could not imagine. The path life directed us on was terrifying but immensely rewarding. 

    Writerly advice?  
    I attended sessions that I thought wouldn’t apply to my writing but came away with a morsel of refinement.   

    How has OCWW helped you as a writer?
    In 2013 I finished the mind dump of everything that I remembered of our lives. I held 200,000 words of digital ramblings and wanted to create a remembrance for Marina. I recognized my story was unwieldy and too wordy. I joined OCWW in 2014. The OCWW weekly sessions taught me to cull, edit, rewrite, and add flair to my story.  I reviewed and modified my memoir based on each week’s take away.  After ten years, I am ready to share it. 

    RITA ANGELINI writes memoir and short fiction. She has published short stories in four anthologies, and She Writes Press is publishing her memoir, As Normal Changes, in March 2025.  A retired  Certified Public Accountant, Rita has served as Treasurer of OCWW since 2014. Now a Florida resident, she is also Treasurer for the Gulf Coast Writers Association,  a member of the Florida Writers Association and the National Association of Memoir Writers. When Rita is not writing, she is volunteering with the disabled, boating on the Gulf, or traveling the country in her RV.



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