OCWW Manuscript and Contest Guidelines

One of the outstanding benefits to being an OCWW member is the opportunity to have your work critiqued by some of our highly qualified speakers. To check if a speaker is accepting manuscripts please scroll down to the list below. 

Plan Ahead to Get Feedback on Your Writing

 Manuscript Critique and Contest Info and Deadlines 2020-2021

Manuscript Critiques and Contests are for 2020-2021 OCWW members only

Contests are Free to Enter!

For all Speakers, unless otherwise indicated. Manuscripts and Contest Submissions should be sent as an attachment to email: ocww.info@gmail.com . Please make the email subject OCWW Manuscript. Manuscripts and Contest Submissions should be in Word, double spaced, Times New Roman 12 point font with one inch margins, pages numbered, and name on the front or in the header.  They should be received and paid for no later than 2 weeks before the workshop. Your manuscript critique will be returned by email the evening before or the day of the speaker’s session. If you haven't received confirmation of receipt of your contest entry within 24 hours please email us at ocww.info@gmail.com.  Contest winners will be announced at the session (of the judge). 

  PLEASE NOTE: Different speakers may have additional requirements or guidelines for manuscript submission. See the event description below for complete details.

3.  Mandatory $10 Speaker Session Fees for Critique and Contests:

In addition to the manuscript critique fee, a single $10 session fee is required to submit a manuscript for an OCWW speaker’s critique. This $10 fee pays for the attendance of the session; this fee is due even if the member does not attend the speaker’s session. 

4.  Speaker’s Critique Fee:

 $3 per page, with a 20 page maximum. *Please note there is a $15 minimum (even if you submit less that 5 pages) *

5.  How to Pay for Your Critique:

ยท       Once your manuscript is received, you will be sent an invoice to allow for quick and easy online payment. Manuscripts cannot be passed on to the speaker without advance payment. Payment must be received at least two weeks before the workshop. Please contact ocww.info@gmail.com if you haven't received your invoice within 24 hours of submission. 

All OCWW Contests are member only and  FREE to enter! 

Speakers and Deadlines:

For Fred Shafer only:

Fred Shafer will write comments on fiction manuscripts in all genres, for readers of all ages.  Manuscripts in Word, up to 20 pages, double-spaced, Times New Roman 12 pt font with 1 inch margins may be submitted via email to ocww.info@gmail.com. The fee is $3.00 per page. Manuscripts must be submitted and paid for before they will be sent to Fred. You will receive an invoice with a link to pay via paypal or credit card. If you do not receive an invoice within 36 hours of submission please let us know through another email to ocww.info@gmail.com. The deadline for Week 1 was August 20. For Week 2 it is September 4. For Week 3 it is September 11 and for Week 4 it is September 18. If Fred gets swamped with manuscripts on a given week, in order to maintain quality, he reserves the right to return some manuscripts a little later than the session for which you submitted. Most manuscripts will be returned by email the evening before the session.

For All Speakers:

Deadline                     Details

August 20                    Fred Shafer Week 1

September 4                Fred Shafer Week 2

September 11              Fred Shafer Week 3

September 18             Fred Shafer Week 4

September 25             Christina Clancy will take three manuscripts for critique, No longer available

October 15   Goldie Goldbloom will accept 2 manuscripts for critique. No longer available

November 5                Jane Huffman will accept manuscripts for all genre. 

          She will also judge our member only free poetry contest. 

      Maximum length: 2 pages. One entry per person. Do not write your name on the submission.

           First Prize:       20 page critique by John McCarthy

          Second Prize: 10  page critique by John McCarthy

           Third Prize:      5 page critique by John McCarthy

December 16              Libby Fischer Hellman will be judging a Suspense Scene Contest.

       5 page limit  (members only and free to enter) Do not write your name on the submission.

                                    First prize:        20 page critique by OCWW Speaker taking manuscipts

                                    Second Prize:  10 page critique by OCWW Speaker taking manuscripts

                                    Third Prize:      5 page critique by OCWW Speaker taking manuscipts

January 20                  Saba Sulaiman will critique up to 15 single-page, single-spaced query letters on a first-come  basis.  

January 20         Terri Bischoff will accept up to 15 20-page manuscripts on a first-come basis. 

January 14                  Mary Ruth Clarke will  judge the Compelling Scene Contest

                                 Members only and free submission Maximum 6 pages, less is better.

Do not write your name on the submission.

    Winners will have their Scenes acted out by professional actors.

     All submissions will receive written feedback

     Submission criteria: Comedy, Drama, Dramedy

         Plays, Screenplays, Teleplays
         Aim for no more than 3 characters (but no worries if there are more)

             How to format a play:  Here’s the formatting criteria

                                 for the Dramatists Guild: https://www.dramatistsguild.com/script-formats

   How to format a screenplay or teleplay?  Here’s a good guide: https://screenwriting.io/what-is-standard-screenplay-format/  (especially the link to John August’s site)

February 4                  Nadine Kenney Johnstone will accept manuscripts for critique.

February 11                 John McCarthy will accept poetry and prose for critique.

February 25                 Ian Belknap will accept manuscripts for critique in fiction and nonfiction.  

March 11                     Kathleen Rooney will judge a 500 word Short Short Contest. 

                   (Members only and free) Do not write your name on the submission. Please email ocww.info@gmail.com  if you don't receive confirmation of receipt of your entry within 24 hours.

                                    First Prize:       Full 2020 Subscription to Rose Metal Press

                                    Second Prize:  Signed copy of Rose Metal Press Spring Book 

             Third Prize:      Rose Metal Press Spring Book

April 29                        Zach Martin will accept manuscripts for critique.

May 6                           Jennifer Solheim will accept manuscripts for critique.



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