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Off Campus Writers' Workshop - OCWW

OCWW Manuscript and
Contest Guidelines

One of the benefits of OCWW membership is the opportunity to have your work critiqued by some of our highly qualified speakers. To check if
a speaker is accepting manuscripts please scroll down to the list below. 

Manuscript Critiques and Contests are open to current 2022-2023 OCWW members only.  Critiques are $3 per page unless otherwise noted. Contests are free to enter. 

To Submit: See specific guidelines for critique and contests below. Different speakers may have additional requirements or guidelines for manuscript submission. Refer to the list below for complete details.

Manuscripts, Speakers and Deadlines:

Genre  Speaker 
Session Date
Due Date  Notes 
 Prose   Fred Shafer - 9/15  9/6  1 submission per person; 20 page limit. Dates manuscripts are returned will vary so Fred can read as many manuscripts as
 all Fred Shafer - 9/22  9/13  possible. Fred may read from select manuscripts at his lectures. If you do not wish  your work to be read aloud as a positive example, please note that on your submission.
 ages  Fred Shafer -  9/29  9/20  You have the option to remain anonymous or reveal your identity at the session.
 Prose  Goldie Goldbloom -   11/10   10/18  First two manuscripts received.
 Prose  Kate Hannigan -         11/17  11/1  
 Non-fiction  Hattie Fletcher -      2/9  1/17  First 3 manuscripts
 Prose Aram Mrjoian -      2/9  1/17  First 5 manuscripts
 Prose  Micah Fields -    2/23  1/31  
Query Letter  Joanna McKenzie -     5/4     4/11  Single-spaced, one page - $15
 Prose  Joseph Scapellato -   5/11     4/18  First 4 manuscripts
 Prose  Jennifer Solheim -   5/18     4/25  


Kelly McMasters - 6/1 5/11 First 10 manuscripts

Contests, Judges, and Due Dates: 

 Genre Judge -
Session Date 
Due Date  Notes 

 Brian Turner  -                          12/8

 11/22  1 poem, 3 page maximum. First place wins 20 page critique from an upcoming speaker accepting manuscripts; 2nd place 10 pages;   3rd place 5 pages
 Haiku  Robert Anthony Siegel-    1/19    12/27  1 prize per person; 3 haikus max per page. 3 pages maximum. First place wins 20 page critique from an upcoming speaker accepting manuscripts; 2nd place 10 pages;   3rd place 5 pages
Prose Opener  Patricia Ann McNair - 3/2 2/7  Best Opening - First 5 pages  First place wins 20 page critique from an upcoming speaker accepting  manuscripts; 2nd place 10 pages;   3rd place 5 pages
 Humor  Kathleen Rooney  -       4/20  3/28 Any genre; 5 page maximum.  First Place wins 3 books from Rose Metal Press; Second Place 2 books;
Third Place 1 book  


  • Email your manuscripts or contest submission as an attached Word doc Please make the email subject OCWW Manuscript or OCWW Contest.
  • Manuscripts and Contest Submissions should be in Word, double spaced, Times New Roman 12 point font with one inch margins, pages numbered.
  • Manuscripts should include name and email on the front page or in the header. They should be received and paid for by the deadline indicated.  Once your manuscript is received you will be sent an invoice. Please pay your invoice by the deadline or we cannot guarantee it will be accepted. If you haven’t received your invoice within 24 hours of sending, please email us at Your manuscript critique will be returned by email the evening before or the day of the speaker’s session. It may be longer for Fred Shafer submissions.
  • Contest entries should include submission title and title of contest entered on the front page or header, but do not include your name on the file. Entries are intended to be judged anonymously. If you haven't received confirmation of receipt of your contest entry within 24 hours please email us at  Contest winners will be announced by the judge at the session.

  • $10 Session Registration Fees for Critique and Contests: In addition to the manuscript critique fee, member is required to register and pay for the speaker's session to submit a a manuscript or contest entry.  
  • Speaker’s Critique Fee: $15 minimum. $3 per page; 20 page maximum. Please note the $15 minimum applies even if you submit fewer than 5 pages.

    How to Pay for Your Critique:
  • Once your manuscript is received, you will be sent an invoice to allow for quick and easy online payment. Manuscripts cannot be passed on to the speaker without advance payment. Please contact if you haven't received your invoice within 48 hours of submission.

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